This is very good, instrumentals are excellent, this song rocks. Vocals are exceptional. For a start up this is one hell of a beginning well done
"130 Days" by Yellow Jumps Twice is an alternative rock album influenced mainly by Brit rock. This album contains a nice mix of acoustic and electric songs, and hint toward British glam at times too. There is a power and energy behind the sound, with harmonized choruses and ringy guitars. One stand out track is "Let you Go", a rock anthem with a nice build and dark lyrics. "Softly" opens with a cool megaphone effect on the vocals and twists into a longingly passionate rocker. "The Rainy Season" features a beautiful piano progression, strings and emotion-filled lyrics. Fans of Oasis and David Bowie will surely enjoy this one.
Nice track indeed for a 'new' start. It has all the pop elements, catchy hooks, driving beat etc., last but not least, good vocals by Sabine. Cheers / Mike
I would say you're on to something but I think you may already know that. This has a great feel and rhythm to it. Sabine has a superb voice, very smooth. I hope to find more like this on your page,
Du bist echt ein Teufel Sebastian ;).. nein, ernsthaft, was du hier ganz alleine zauberst, überzeugt mich wieder mal komplett. Klasse Instrumente, toller Gesang und ein Produktion, die aus meiner Sicht, keine Wünsche offen lässt. Songstruktur und Arrangement gefallen mir auch richtig gut, das geht ins Ohr, wird aber nicht sofort langweilig, genau so wie ein Song sein muss. Von mir ohne Einschränkung 5* und als kleines Bonbon und weil ich der Meinung bin der Song hat es verdient, noch einen HdT drauf.
Man, right from the opening strumming and melody this song totally grabs you. Very well the written. I loved the solo section. I could listen to this track over and over again. (heck, I think I will) Cheers - DG
Die ausdrucksvolle und sehr charakteristische Stimme nimmt von der ersten Sekunde an für sich ein. Und auch musikalisch weiß dieser Track auf ganzer Linie zu überzeugen. Eine eingängige Melodie, sehr schöne, teilweise überraschende Harmonien und die Britpop-Garagenband-Attitüde machen dieses Stück zu einem Song, dem man sehr gerne zuhört. Bravo!
hmmmmmmmmm!?!?!?! I'm reading the reviews as this being a "new start"......hmmm? Well?? I guess, it's my fault for not being around as much as I used to.....and not knowing the story. SO!!! I'll say......It sure sounds GREAT to me. Sabine? A new vocalist? She sure sounds strong and the song fits her well. The song does have a catchy theme throughout.....and it is an uplifting beat. Great Job!!! Rob
This has an imaginative backing. Love the guitar work. Vocals are excellent with a powerful delivery. Great track and an excellent piece to listen to well done
Some say Yellow Jumps Twice are the revelation regarding British orientated guitar music – for the others it’s just nice music to listen to on the side. But the songs of Sebastian Teufel who founded YJ2 early 2000 and who recorded the latest album nearly on his own are composed and polished right down to the smallest detail. After a short time it’s obvious that here’s no would-be at work but an adult musician who knows how his music has to sound like. Every now and then it’s emphasized that although it’s from Germany this music sounds so “real” - an antiquated train of thoughts. For music that is so international it’s indifferent where it’s coming from. Particularly the distribution by the internet knows no borders anyway. The success of the band on many music platforms speaks for itself and the recognition first goes to the abilities of the person behind the songs. Sebastian Teufel holds the reins of the band. He just uses some guest musicians for his recordings. Just for playing on stage he found three comrades-in-arms that completely trust in his output. Ulli Teufel – drums & vocals, Silke Thomas – bass & vocals, Harald Gritschke – guitars & vocals and Sebastian teufel – vocals & guitars – this is YJ2 on stage! I feel sympathy for such a kind of leadership (as long as it is creating constructive things), because they always have great minds inside and the courage to show and give it to the world. I’m very proud that one of these persons is just living in the maingold area so that I can write about him and his music. But now for the album: “Whatever happened To…” was released by the English label called “GetMeMusic” in February 2004. It’s a “real” CD – not a self-made demo version. The album is opened by a mystic-hot intro that sounds backwards and you’re going to expect something threatening. But it’s Britpop! Or should I call it Guitar Rock with the soul of a singer-songwriter? Songs like the ethnic-psychedelic “The Turning Of The Sheets”, the rather straight “Stepping Stones” or “Revenge Is Comin’ Closer” are surely known from the charts. But especially the latter is an perfect “earwig” to start the album. It’s dirty-distorted guitar sound in the refrain and a discreet and dark sound of the strings give a unique deepness to the main parts. Every time I listen to the refrain of “Moths Keep Flying” it reminds me of “Fisher Z” or the later solo works of John Watts. And did you ever notice the vocal harmonies during the refrain of “Take Her Home”? With these sounds in my ears I went to bed and woke up again the next morning. And then “My Little World” – a real rocker! Richness of diversion is not excluding the phenomenon of recognition. Is there any better description for a song like “A Hundred Miles Away” where it says: “A quiet one – but it will take you home”? This is the description of this song on the website of the British label “GetMeMusic”. Also mentioned are expressions like “oasisastic” or “beatlesque”. Of course – “King Of The World” could have been written by John Lennon as well. “Yahoo-music” called the band “…a real alternative to the “Beatles-pinching” of Oasis…”. But as we all know among some others YJ2 is refering to Oasis too. This album turned out very well – with absolutely no mistakes or bad moments it would be no disappointment for everyone who likes this style of music to let it rotate in his CD player. Quite the reverse: I’m regular addicted to this unique pearls of songs that doesn’t bore me even after the umpteenth time of listening. I would be very pleased to hear some more from Yellow Jumps Twice in the near and distant future.
Really great song. Excellent on every level. Interesting changes and just a really cool flow to it. Great work
Your chord progressions on this tune are soothing and stimulating at the same time. Your lyrics are touching and there are some beautiful phrases here. The arrangement is lovely, but not wimpy. The counterpoint guitar embellishes the track just enough at the start to pull the listener in and never gets in the way of the song. The string parts are subtle and carry the song into greater harmonic depth without being obtrusive. Drums entering on the title phrase let the song really lift off. Very good use of a sonic palette, with the echoed electric guitar adding the element that pushes the emotions over the top. The recording is perfect and the mix very well balanced. You have a compelling character in your voice, the quality that makes a singer repeatedly listenable. Toward the latter half of the song, your performance loses some of its intimacy, becoming more strident. All the performances on your track are top notch. The acoustic guitars are in perfect counterpoint. The other instruments are understated and still flush at the same time, revealing an excellent ear for arranging. The balance in the mix leaves each part in exactly the correct perspective to the rest of the track. While there's nothing particularly original about the music or even the lyric, you have fulfilled the musical and lyric objectives of the song very well.
Nice Job on this ,,,,good vocals....thanks gary
It's official - I love your lyrics A pop song is crap without good lyrics, and pop songs with good lyrics are hard to come by. You guys definitely have an affinity for writing insightful lyricis that paint cool pictures.
This is a quality piece of music, the mix is excellent. Music is well played and the vocals have real power and depth. Great song well done
Love the guitar tracks on this. Intricate and introspective, perfect match for the lyrics. The entire piece just opens up into a WIDE sound. The lead vocalist is fantastic, very appealing. Excellent track! Love all the guitar work on it alot.
Very good. I remember hearing this band back on Soundclick and was impressed then. This song continues the excellent trend. Beautifuly written and constructed. The many layered voices,are top notch. The musicianship is flawless. Production crystal clear. A most excellent song. Nigel.
Absolutely great... as usual I absolutely dig this band. I had the enormous privilege to see them acting live, and even to mak ea duet with Sebastian. They are an amazing set, both live and as friends and people. The production is so clean, sounds so professional. I wish I could count with Seb guitars now and then (just pure jelousity). The best brit pop, made in Germany... what an interesting paradox.YOU ARE GREAT!
Great Song Intro is awesome. Production is on point. And it does make you think which is what today's music is lacking. You guys are awesome.
Impressive What a thought provoking song this is. Full of atmosphere, dark and yet uplifting in a strange kind of way. Top production and very clever use of sound effects, I love the harmonies and the hook gets right inside your head. One of the best.
I liked it without trying... I love the thick guitar sound. Then it lays back down into a cool groove. Nice dynamic build with the tune. I love the chorus hook. Very, very nice vocal harmony! Everything sound produced well. Did you do it yourself? Or a pro studio? Anyway, great job. I love your sound and I will be back for more!
My Little World is Enough I believe I reviewed this band several times at Besonic and I have never been disappointed with their energetic, creative material. This track is no exception and features straight ahead crunch guitar, with a swirling solo in the middle. The rhythm section is spot on and the all the vocals are first rate, particularly on the chorus that reminded me of a song by The Hoodoo Gurus.
STRONG intro.... Your vocals come across with POWER, & the "build" is perfect! I really like the harmonizations you're doing here, clearly got HEAVY talent! I can see this tune as being the kick-off for a resurgence of the types of bands I used to listen to in the late '60's & early '70's. I give this one a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for fans of the genre, and any OTHER folks who dig well-done music!
...on your head!!!! This like getting slugged with a sonic baseball bat. Great drive. Rock is alive. All around great playing. Solid performance.
"King of the World" gets crowned again The Beatles are back and reigning once again. If this is pop, it is very strong pop. Lyrics that mean something are delivered with that same sense of importance. Great musicianship and very solid vocals - all recorded and mixed to near perfection.
Yellow Submarine Jumps Twice! Yes, indeed, there are many Beatle elements wwoven through this tune. Excellent sound and really good vocal effects. Trippingly fine track.
Brit pop at it's best. What, you say you're from Germany?! Smart, beautifully produced, superb musicianship. Yellow Jumps Twice has it going on with this tune. I really think this deserves some serious attention. LOVE the band name. I'll be listening to more of this NOW.
Open chords, open minds A strong beat in 4/4 catches the listener's attention in the intro of this very nicely conceived pop song. Acoustic guitar, tuned down to D, clean tube electrics pound out a solid foundation. Good verse, strong, short bridge, very nice refrain. Feels like a wool blanket. Haven't heard this German group for a while. They have been in the OMD business since the early days, back when we were called "This Side Up", and they have made much headway. The production is good, the mix is balanced. Catchy tune!
Music: It’s a long time since I’ve heard anyone attempt a rock-pop tune in 5/4 time, let alone succeed at create one as gorgeously hypnotic, dreamy and haunting as this one, very impressive! Lyrics: The words invoke images, provoke thoughts and flow perfectly with the groove and sound of the music while remaining slightly vague or perhaps deliberately ambiguous. I can’t find a single fault in this set of lyrics. Arrangement & Production: As a producer I tend to be hypercritical in this department however in this case I can honestly say I wouldn’t change a thing. Lead Vocal: A rich warm sound and an alluring emotive performance make this one of the best understated vocal performances of any track I’ve reviewed on to date. It would be unfair not to mention the harmonies as well in this case, they are a perfect compliment to the lead vocal. Musicianship: Every performance is perfectly In the pocket and every harmonic/melodic choice enhances the mood of the track and ads colour and dimension without disregard for the other parts, kudos to all concerned. Originality: The mood puts me in familiar territory and is reminiscent of a couple of tunes that are timeless for me but that takes nothing away from the originality of this piece, a rare feat, once again well done. Marketability: I honestly believe this track is highly marketable even though it may be difficult to convince the powers that be to take a chance on a tune that breaks many conventions. One way could be to approach music supervisors or directors of independent films as I am sure the song would be a perfect compliment to an appropriate scene. General Comments: I’m probably stating the obvious by saying that I really enjoyed this track but as a reviewer I often hear things of quality and rate them accordingly even if they’re not to my personal taste. In this case I have no hesitation saying that I will come back to this song for my own listening pleasure in future and I’m very curious about the rest of your material. Average Score 8.286
Music: Great track! You have a lot of musical elements mixed in here, but everything fits tightly within the concept of the song. Your languid melancholy vocal melody and the pace of the track add up to a dreamy heavy place. Just enough brightness in the music to keep you from putting the gun in your mouth and pulling the trigger. Lyrics: Feeling a little down lately? Fortunately, you keep your sense of humor about it. That's the biggest issue in the lyric; are you being cute or going for broke? You invoke both possibilities and that alone is an achievement. The question is: are you sacrificing catharsis for attention? John Lennon vs. Morrissey. Either way, you've got something going, but what do you want? Arrangement & Production: Absolutely one of the best tracks I've heard on MakeaStar. No false steps anywhere in the track and your mix is perfection, except for the vocal after the solo seem slightly low in the mix. All the sounds are great and the parts all add up the greatest expression of the intent of the song. Lead Vocal: Your voice is the instrument of the god of melancholy here and I can't find any fault with it as a vehicle for expression. To my ears, you deliver your intention perfectly. Still, in the performance I hear the battle I mentioned in the lyric comments raging. What would Robyn Hitchcock say? Musicianship: Primo. Again, every part and sample is placed perfectly to add up to Synody, the state in song where the words and the music add up to a sum greater than the parts. Your fills and solos are lyrical and the rhythm track is killer. No chops display, but why would you? Originality: You''ve synthesized an original take on the blues from your influences that really builds on their work. I hear echoes everywhere, but in no instance is it distracting. Can''t say enough good about it really, but I don''t want to just repeat myself. Marketability: The toughest issue here. Your treatment of the subject matter is thorough. There is the bleakness and the humor in equal measure. The problem is that like Ray Davies and Robyn Hitchcock, your cleverness distracts from your commercial potential. You know what buttons to push to get the heart or the mind going, but how to do both at once is the issue. General Comments: An absolutely fantastic track. And a very thought provoking song, especially in the sense that you have two possibilities artistically at your fingertips. Which will prevail? Average Score 8.571
Music: A great song, punctuated by great tracks, and a dynamic production that encompasses the entire musical spectrum from the 60's to current times. With a pulsating infectious groove, a melody that is haunting at times yet beautiful at others, this track has single written all over it. Lyrics: Wow, I'd hate to be the person you're talking about in this tune. Nice flow, and good use of lines that have continuity, form and words that have a deep enough meaning without having to look them up in the dictionary, yet are simple enough to understand during the first read/listen. Great job. Arrangement & Production: It appears that you used drum loops . . . correct? Some sections could stand to be set up a little better, and there are some unnecessary crashes and punches during the verse section(s). Otherwise, this is a wonderfully produced track with authentic tones and sounds. The mix and master are high end pro as well. Brilliant work. Lead Vocal: At first listen, it was difficult to get past a few of the pitchy issues. But as the song grows, the melancholy character, tone, and disonant harmonies grew on me as well. Your tone, pitch, and character all come to fruition and deliver a smashing vocal take that perfectly commands the song. Musicianship: Top notch, primo, exquisite, and highly professional are a few terms that describe the magnitude of accomplishment here. Clearly, there are years of experience either having been schooled or just attending the school of hard knocks, socially and musically. Great compopsition, great instrumental performances. Brilliant work. Originality: Several influences from the obvious Pink Floyd, to many other british based groups - far too many to mention here. However, the best thing is that you''ve brought your own artistry to what appears to be an innate sense of that musical style, rather than a immatation. We'd like to hear everything you''ve written. Marketability: From publishing, to TV, Film, Live shows, and internet marketing, this track and I'm sure several others of yours are primed for public consumption. Target radio programming directors, independent promoters, and A&R scouts with all of your music, and sit back and watch them squirm for the highest bid. General Comments: If your business sense comes as natural to you as your sense of music does, you'll be well on your way to acheiving success in the music industry. Compile a list of industry resources, and contact them each to expose your work to the world. Do business with those who do business with you. Average Score 8.857
Another Great One Another great song by one of the best bands anywhere. Cool sound, cool lyrics, and a solid hooky chorus. The bass on this song really grabs me, like it a lot, is that an upright? Vocals are top notch as usual, percussion right in the pocket. What's not to like?