Here's the first review for our upcoming Album "Tin Boxed". Read it here:

Our baby's got a name!


That's the title of the Yellow Album #13!


Whenever you have the chance take a look in the "SEE" section to see some pics of the preproduction sessions May 2019. 

Taufrisch bestätigt: YELLOW JUMPS TWICE rocken das LOGO in Hamburg! LOOK HERE!

The pre-productions for the upcoming album are in full progress. Stay tuned for some more infos, pics, video & audio snippets.

Look at some pics of our gig at BaRRock Music Club Hamburg in the "SEE" section!

On March, 29th you can see the band live on stage with their whole 100min bunch of songs at BaRRock/Hamburg. This time we'll be supported by "Dirty Claim".

20h Door opens

21h Dirty Claim

21.45h Yellow Jumps Twice

Hope to see you there!

Photos by Michael Rasmussen


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