Stop Treatin' The Beaten Ways - Yellow Jumps Twice album 2018

Yellow Jumps Twice got a new one on their hands, entitled Stop Treatin The Beaten Ways. As they approach their 20th anniversary, this solid release shows that the trio has been able to meld a unique identity in their time together. The band is truly refining and honing their craft, proving why they’ve been around for such a long time and why they’re still going strong after a dozen albums.

So To Say - The Yellow Best Of album!

"So You Think You're Most Peculiar" - CD-Album


Yellow Jumps Twice has been around now for fifteen years, which is quite an impressive feat of longevity in this day and age and is a testament to their strong songwriting and ability to adapt yet stay true to their own unique musical vision. Further proof is their latest album, So You Think You're Most Peculiar, a catchy and cohesive collection of 90?s Brit-pop flavored alt. rock songs that are equally as modern as they are retro.

From Red To Blue - The Yellow album 2012!

Yellow Jumps Twice: From Red to Blue


The first EP directly out of the new home in Hamburg.

Stranger In My Car - Album 2008

130 Days - Album 2007

Ain't Nothing Better Than... - Best of album 2006

Beside The Street - Album 2005
(currently available only as mp3 download)

<br>Get A Tan From Singing In The English Rain - Album 2005

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Yellow Jumps Twice - Album 2002

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(available from this site)