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Yellow Jumps Twice: BE UP TO DATE

ON STAGE AGAIN - April 22, 2014

The band's now ready to enter the stage again. So here we'll start the summer on May, 29th:

THE YELLOWS 2014 - March 17, 2014

Jump to the "see" section to take a look at some new photos of the band.

MEN AT WORK - November 25, 2013

Take a step to the "listen" section and listen to a rehearsal version of "Digging In Your Soul". A tune the band's working at.

ENDLICH... - November 3, 2013 es soweit! Am Mittwoch, den 6.11. spielen Yellow Jumps Twice ihren ersten Gig in Hamburg. Nach zwei Jahren, in denen sich das Mitgliederkarussell immer wieder gedreht hat, hat die Band es nun geschafft ein 45 Minuten Programmauf die Bühne zu bringen. Was lange währt...! Also, wer Lust und Zeit hat (und vorallem in der Nähe ist):

Der Eintritt ist frei und es darf geraucht werden! (Muss man heutzutage ja dazusagen)


A NEW BASSMAN - August 28, 2013

It was worth waiting - the band's got a new bass player: Frank Lisker




We've just started to work on two new songs. STAY TUNED! ;-)

BASSLESS - August 2, 2013

Summer holidays are over and the carousel is spinning again. After nearly two years Joe decided to leave the band. So we`re looking for another master of four (or five) strings. Nevertheless we're working on some new tunes. And it's obvious that the yellow sound will change. Let's call it back to the Yellow roots! The Yellow sound as thousand of listeners enjoyed it through the years will be back on the net, on albums AND on stage asap. STAY TUNED - we'll keep you in the pic! ;-)

REVIEW AND SAMPLER - June 30, 2013

German print magazine "Eclipsed" wrote a great review 'bout our new album "From Red To Blue". Plus they added a track from the cd - "The Turning Of The Sheets" - to their upcoming sampler.

AVAILABLE - May 26, 2013

Now our brand new album "From Red To Blue" is available from CD Baby!

"FROM RED TO BLUE" - May 12, 2013

ARRIVED! Yesterday the press shop sent the new Yellow CD "From Red To Blue". It will soon be available from CD Baby and Amazon. Meanwhile you can get your copy by sending a message via "CONTACT" @ the Yellow website!

RELEASE DATE - April 22, 2013

Keep this date in your mind:



This is the release date of the brand new Yellow album "From Red To Blue"!

Final Spurt - March 29, 2013

The work is done! The new Yellow album is ready for pressing.This is a glimpse of the artwork made by Christian Urban.




Let us introduce to you the band's new drummer:







Facebook - February 21, 2013

Hey everybody,

whenever you have the chance please "likE" us at our FB-page

CHARTS - February 21, 2013

An Upcoming Album - February 12, 2013

The audio work for the upcoming Yellow album is finished. Now we're working hard on the layout. We hope we can release the album in April. Stay tuned!

"22113" - January 10, 2013


Amazon - January 10, 2013

We hope everybody had a good start for 2013! Now the new year is ten days old and the Yellows got news for you. The band now has it's own site @ AMAZON! Here you can download or order hard copies of "Stranger In My Car", "130 Days" and "Ain't Nothing Better Than..." :

Drummerless... - December 22, 2012

Unfortunately our drummer has left the band. So by the beginning of the new year we're tryin' to find a new master of the kettles. Meanwhile the work for the upcoming album is in full progress. As long as the band's without a drummer Sebastian is doing this job.


NEW RELEASE - NEW DESIGN - November 3, 2012

As you can see we've changed the design of the Yellow site. This is because of the RELEASE of our new EP


The first HELLO from the new Yellows straight from Hamburg into your ears! At the moment the EP is available just from this page. Please send a message to and we gonna send you your copy asap. Here are some impressions:




Review at "Space Dout Magazine" - October 1, 2012

"Spaced Out Magazine" wrote a review 'bout our song "Moths Keep Flying":

CURIOUS? - September 11, 2012

GET A GLIMPSE OF THE NEW YELLOW RELEASE! Available at the end of October. It's called "22113". (That's the postcode of the Yellow studio/rehearsalroom)


YELLOW MILESTONES - August 29, 2012

Hi everybody,
now you can listen to the remasters of 12 Yellow milestones recorded from 2000 'til 2008. Including songs like "All I Ever Wanted" (duet with Priscilla Hernandez) and "I Don't Mind" the opening track from YJ2's first EP "True Companions" way back in 2000. Take a look at the "Listen" section!

The new YELLOW logo - August 27, 2012

RADIO VOTING - August 13, 2012

Whenever you have the chance please vote for our song "Moths Keep Flying" at the internet radio station "Radio Regentrude". You neither need to register nor to have an account. THANX!

ON THE HOME STRETCH - August 11, 2012

The work for the upcoming Yellow release is approaching the final stretch. Audio master is ready. Just the cover and layout still need some more time. Haste makes waste! So it looks like 4 or 5 more weeks for the release date. We'll keep you in the pic - STAY TUNED!

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