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Yellow Jumps Twice: BE IMPRESSED

Their fans refer to them affectionately and simply as, the yellows.

Founded in 2000 by Sebastian Teufel; the Hamburg, Germany-based alt-rock quartet known as Yellow Jumps Twice (a moniker acquired during a random game of Monopoly) have been in the music game for some time.

Consisting of:  Sebastian Teufel (vocals, guitars & drums), Christian “Chrischi” Urban (guitars) and Frank Lisker (bass), these three know what it means to work, performing in such venues as the Frankfurt International Artist Launch Festival, the Open Air of St. Gallen (Switzerland), the Rock City Club of Bologna (Italy), and the May 1st Festival of Artists and Bands in Vasto (Italy).

But perhaps most impressive is the band’s 11-album anthology, which dates back to 2000, and inlcudes:  2000’s True Companions, 2001’s Fish Stories, 2002’s Yellow Jumps Twice, 2004’s Whatever Happened To…, 2005’s Get A Tan From Singing In The English Rain, and, Beside The Street, 2006’s Ain’t Nothing Better Than…, 2007’s 130 Days, 2008’s Stranger In My Car, 2011’s 22113, 2012’s From Red To Blue, 2015’s So You Think You’re Most Peculiar, and their best-of collection—2017’s So To Say.

Their latest effort, Stop Treatin’ The Beaten Ways, a full-on rock’n’roll collection with plenty of riffs, kicks and rhymes, makes it eleven. Stop for a moment and appreciate that fact.

Here’s what we dug most…

Opening with This Is Me, Teufel’s vocals echo a blend of Wes Scantlin (Puddle of Mud) and Neil Young. (Don’t try to imagine it…just give it a listen.)

The relatable feelings of ambivalence and indifference make for a grimy, 90s-style jam on Feel Alright. This is a cool tune, with great contrast/dynamics, and super sharp performance and production.

Our Favorite Track:
The slightly jazzy—yet still totally grimy—album title track, Stop Treatin’ The Beaten Ways, has a Better Than Ezra-esque feel, and some catchy, substantive writing…

“Hey you,
Don’t you know it’s true
What we went through
Led us to something new?
Hey you,
Listen to what I say
It’s a perfect day
To stop treatin’ the beaten ways…”

Opening with a half-a-minute of charmingly ambient layers of guitar, the album closer, Every Single Day, ends the project with more heart. (Be sure to stick around for the cool synth solo at 3:15.) Teufel shows that an open pair of eyes are both a blessing and a curse, as he asks perhaps the biggest questions of all…

“The ether is filled with lies and hate
These are what’s called, post-factual times
I always tried to listen to my heart
But balance is in danger of falling apart

How can we tell what’s reality
How can we tell what’s the truth…”

Accessible writing, solid veteran musicianship, and quality production abound in Stop Treatin’ The Beaten Ways—the 11th album by German musical troubadours, Yellow Jumps Twice. A tasteful blend of old-school, fully-instrumental compositions join with true-to-the-day lyrical content to create an enjoyable listen which is relevant to the times. Those of you who still seek-out hand-crafted music, made the old-fashioned way, will enjoy this album.

Whose lovechild…?
If Neal Young sung rock songs with Ozzy’s band…

- The Ark Of Music (Dec 6, 2017)

CROWD REVIEWS FOR "Stepping Stones" @ Reverbnation


“Very enjoyable, especially when listening to the guitar. The song starts well, the instrumental accompaniments areintroduced slowly adding a guild build up effect to the song. The lyrics are original,
and heart-felt.”


“That is a good way to start the song instrumentally because the tempo just kind of kept adding on. The bass guitar can easily be heard in this one. Which I like. The keyboard is what I also like before the singer starts singing. The singer has the right voice for this music."


“I like the opening guitar riff. I really prepares you more elements to be added to the song. It seems like a great instrumental song started put but the singer comes in and adds in his lyrics and makes the song quite a bit better and more fun to listen to. The singer made this track a lot more enjoyable for me.”


“The band has a nice rhythm section and that alone will get you exposure. The tone and harmonies were extremely magical and dynamic. I would love to fall asleep listening to this song. Rhythm was soothing and relaxing. Instruments have a gratifying beat that I couldn't let go of. This song has commercial and music video potential.”


“A great guitar riff starts the song and then a second guitar which is processed joins in, it makes for a amazing intro. after a short while a beat comes in and this makes the song into its own and is fantastic. after the initial beat a vocal comes in and this is awesome, the song is superb and i cannot fault it, it is well thought out, the instruments are all well played and everything fits together well.”


“The song has this really cool beginning with almost retro notes to the guitar and drums. It is a really steady rhythm which brings back some memories of how some music was made way back when. The structure seems to be perfect for the singing. It is melody that is really mesmerizing, bordering on a British hint as well as rock flair. It is a slower more exciting ballad style though. Better than ballad music, it has excitement in the beat and tempo near the middle of the track. If you can tolerate a more relaxed and semi-traditional sounding piece of compilation then I'm sure you will love this track."


“Sounds very familiar to me, i like the song, exactly the style and genre of song i would listen to all day everyday. Singer was very good but his voice wasnt one i expected. Despite this i still enjoyed the song and would listen to it again and possibly download the single or album. Very good, highly recommend this band.”

Reverbnation (Jun 23, 2015)

CROWD REVIEWS FOR "These Little Things" @ Revernation


“Great use of the guitar, introducing this at the start grabbed my attention instantly. The melody was very tuneful and punchy. I found myself tapping the desk as I really did embrace the track. The vocalist voice was very plucky and catchy. A good song, well structured and tasteful. A pleasant experience.”


“Alternative rock is really cool and this song illustrates everything that i like about alternative rock. i started liked the genre in the late 90's when the genre was really big. when i hear this song i think of the Gin Blossoms. I love the vocalist technique.”


“I wish you can say that everyday also. The song has a nice collection of rhythmic riffs with the guitars. I think the singer has a bit of a different voice with the way he ends the line of the verses. Adds some pretty good personality. Has some pretty interesting lyrics. I like how defined the drum sounds are on this song.”


“This song is so awesome this guy is really bringing it. I love the vocals in this song. What makes this song a hit he is really singing his heart out. This guy have some made skill playing them drums in the back ground. This guy voice is amazing this will become a hit. This song is very up lifting.”


“The band has a nice effective vibe that I like and they keep the song moving forward. Your voice flows perfectly with the chorus. Tone and harmonies were imaginative and heartfelt. Instruments sound plentiful and electrifying. Lyrics were easy to sing to. I know this song will do well on the radio.”

Reverbnation (Jun 23, 2015)

About songs...

This has a sense pathos over things that once were and that can never be recaptured. Have to say this one is almost a work of art. I seldom hear something so well tied together. Your creativity is superb.

Upon my second listen.
Good thing this isn't paper I write on. I wouldn't want to stain your lyric page with me tears. Yep, it got me. :cry: silly me. None-the-less, this song is just a beauty, especially for a sentimental me.

Beautiful emotional piece, with a very felt vocal performance, beautiful tones, great piano, for sure will find its way to my mixstream radio show on mixposure. great track.

About the band...

Always been big on YJ2 .. Seb has collaborated with many independent artists and has an impeccable production ear..
- Minder @ Artistlaunch (Jan 25, 2009)
On a Saturday evening about six years ago, Sebastian Teufel was sitting at his kitchen table in Germany, playing a game of Monopoly with a friend from Los Angeles. To clarify a dispute over one of the rules, his friend Bruce flipped through the instruction book and found the answer. After explaining the point to Teufel, he jokingly inserted his own unrelated rule: “Blue jumps twice.”
It would prove to be a fateful moment. Teufel, a guitar player and vocalist, was starting a band. The members had already begun practicing, but they were looking for a catchy new name. “Blue jumps twice” sounded cool. But to Teufel, the word "blue" had no rhythm. So he replaced blue with yellow, and in late 1999, the four-member band “Yellow Jumps Twice” was born.
With their roots in Frankfurt, the band now plays to a growing international audience. Though Teufel will readily admit a band doesn’t need to have a meaning, he is often asked about the origin of the band's name, particularly outside Germany. In radio interviews, it is usually the first question asked. As for his next band, he’s considering calling it the “Chairs,” or the “Wardrobes.” But, Teufel added, “I'm sure, for me, there will be no band after ‘The Yellows.’”
WOW***** what an amazing band! I'm totally impressed by this german Pop Rock Band. Unbeliveable catchy and wonderful harmonies we usally use to know by bigplayers as Matchbox20. Oasis, Lifehouse, Goo Goo Doolls etc. with smooth Beatles influences. Perfect IMHO !!! Can't await to see 'em once Live!!! Greetz EvilGrin
Evil Grin about the band
Yellow doesn't just LEAPS!!!

One of my very favourite indie bands on the net, Yellow Jumps Twice have a magical way of painting a picture. Always melodic, always introspective, Seb and the gang really know how to put together tasteful, Brit-flavoured pop/rock gems with great commercial reach(but always keeping their integrity intact).
I've yet to hear a song I didn't like from this band, and that is very rare.
In fact, I liked them so much, I asked Seb to work with me on my song, 'Is it Just Me?', and again, he gave my song wings where it only had shoulders.
Daniel Iorio about the band


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