All I Ever Wanted (duet version)

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Yellow Jumps Twice
words & music by sebastian teufel , spanish words by Priscilla Hernandez


One of the most successful Yellow tunes. Originally released in 2005 on our album "Ain't Nothin' Better Than..." this song was played by internet radio stations all over the world.


Vocal, guitar & keys > Sebastian

Vocal > Priscilla Hernandez

Guitar & vocal > Harald Gritschke

Bass > Lars Mader

Drums > Uli Teufel 





Night is crawling into town

I`m watching shadows going by my feet

I`m the king who lost his crown

My kingsom`s every lonley -

Every lonley street.


I wrote my number on the wall

Hoping you would do the same

But my hand`s still sleeping by the phone.


And the rain is pouring down.

Upon that same old town.


Is that all I ever wanted?

Is that all I`m asking for?

Is that all I ever needed?

So keep on dancing –

Dancing on the floor.


Una vez lo confesé

y aunque ahora me arrepiento

he esperado tras tu puerta tanto tiempo

y si quedan aun secretos es que ya no los recuerdo


Is that all I ever wanted...



Is that all I ever wanted

y eso es todo lo que espero de tí

Is that all I ever needed

So keep on dancing –

Dancing on the floor.