Cherish The Day

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Yellow Jumps Twice
words & music by sebastian teufel


This song appeared on "Beside The Street" spring 2005. 


Vocal, guitar & keys > Sebastian

Guitar & vocal > Harald Gritschke

Bass & vocal > Silke Stegert

Drums > Uli Teufel 




This is the day to leave in silence 

This is the day to pay the fee
Slowly floating down the stream of violence
Towards discretion by the sea.

Cherish the day
When life calls me a "has been".
Cherish the day
There`s nothing more to say.

My words get lost in growing madness
My tongue feels like a velvet stone
I'd reached the point beyond gracious blindness
A whiff of redemption where I will roam.

Cherish the day...

Cherish the day
When you`ll get lonley.
Cherish the day
It won`t be forever.

Cherish the day
When life calls...