Give Me Strength

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Yellow Jumps Twice
words & music by sebastian teufel


Another "early tune". Written in 1991 this tune was never released. The song was recorded during the sessions to "Whatever Happened To..." in 2003. But didn't make it on the 2nd Yellow Jumps Twice album. The words are more a mixture of ideas. So lyrically the song still stucks in a phase of completion. Musically it's one of the "strangest" songs Sebastian ever wrote.




Day or night – I don`t care

Tell you now you got to beware

Hot blood all inside

Dragged right into the light.


You or me – who can tell

That`s the story of how we fell

You tell me this is heaven`s bell

But it`s like a jeer from hell.


My tendency to authority

Makes me searching for extremes

So lead me through the promised land

I hope it won`t be filled with sand.


Give me strength and give me hope

Lift me to the holy cope

I wished upon some space-hardware

You say it`s unfair – but I don`t care.


I need to be a shining mine

Play hide-and-seek you`re not hard to find

I bite your tongue – killing words

Endless thought is what hurts.


My tendency…


Give me strength…