Heading Towards My Bed

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Yellow Jumps Twice
words & music by sebastian teufel


Released in 2005 on the band's third album "Get A Tan From Singing In The English Rain". Can't find it on the list? Haha, it's a hidden track. A nice little and kinda stupid tune. But nevertheless a real yellow tune. So this is the first real release of that song!






 Sitting on my sofa sippin’ ice cold beer

And I’m wondering how things go crazy all around here

Screaming from the kitchen – pizza’s lying on the floor

Cheese against salami racing down the kitchen door

The neighbours from upstairs play the vacuum cleaner game

While from the kitchen Ms.Hysteria is calling out my name

The answering machine calls me “toot-toot-toot”

It’s no friend of mine so why does it call me “dude”.


I know that I should move my waist

But there is plenty of time to waste.


So why the hell should I resign

Today’s the day I’m feeling fine

Although the world is going mad

My feet are heading towards my bed.


Sitting in the garden playing with my toenails

landing ‘em in the ashtray is the only thing that fails

Black ‘n evil clouds sneakin’ round the bathroom door

As again I hear someone calling from distant shores

Unbridled steam power is crashing through the flat

I should look out for a shelter and take the chance I never had

A pencil and a paper drifting down to dirty ground

I would love to end this song but words are nowhere to be found.