I Don't Mind

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Yellow Jumps Twice
words & music by sebastian teufel


The first track that was released by Yellow Jumps Twice way back in March 2000. This song appeared on the band's first EP "True Companions".


sebastian > vocal, guitars & keys

harald gritschke > guitars & vocal

lars mader > bass

uli teufel > drums & vocal





Just a headline for one day

And after then I’m blown away

I learned it’s hard to keep control

Only love can rule your soul.


Cause everywhere could be the place

A place that you’d call home

A place to be alone

Wherever we may roam.


I don’t mind

When the world turns upside down

I don’t mind

When the world turns upside down.


A thousand times and so much more

Who knows what we were looking for

It seems to me just a waste of time

Love turned out to be a crime.


Cause everywhere ...


I don’t mind ...