King Of The World

Yellow Jumps Twice
words & music by sebastian teufel


Song #4 of the brand new Yellow release "22113" that will be available at the end of October.




You were a phoney since you were ten

You’ve been around the world and back again

You keep company with the simple folks

Who won’t notice that they’re completely hoaxed.


Up on the hill of true perception

You mock at the valleys of affection

Step outside your golden cage

And let the real fool show.


But you don’t realize you’re up a tree

Because we’re the first to disagree.


Stand to attention here’s the king of the world

No one’s exalted but the king of the world

Your grace is polishing your crown

But in the end you’re just a clown.


You surround yourself with straights

Always telling you you were king

It’s so easy to blame someone else

To brighten up your naked soul.


But you don’t…


Stand to attention…