Monday Morning

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Yellow Jumps Twice
words & music by sebastian teufel


Taken from Yellow album #4 "Beside The Street" which was released in May 2005.


Monday morning`s come
With some money in my hand
And a pocketful of sand.
It`s time to close that door
`Cause the early morning rain
Hides the pleasure and the pain.

I came to see
If all the candles burning bright
All through the night.

Tuesday evening`s gone
It was just another day
When I forgot what I should say.
I should have known before
That still you turn me on
So I won`t be where I belong to.

You came to see
If there`s a note left at the door
I`d love to leave some more.

Monday morning`s...

I came to see...

You came to see...