Not Only For One Day

Yellow Jumps Twice
words & music by sebastian teufel


"Not Only For One Day" was the first song Sebastian recorded the digital way (Cubase). Way back in 2007. The words were written some years before. It wasn't planned to release the song until the opening of the Yellow Archives (sounds like "The X-Files"). :)




I woke up from a dream

That lasted for years

And the memories slowly fade away.

I’m tryin’ to keep

Everything but the tears

But desperation has come here to stay

Not only for one day.


It took me too long

To stop waitin’ for you

To stop believing that you would help me through.

But I’m still miles away

To get things straight with myself

So hard to regain my health

Not only for one day.


Not only for one day

I would have let you walk away

But now that’s quite the only chance for me to set me free

Not only for one day

I could have been apart

I could have stand the thought of being without you.

Not only for one day.


From heaven to hell

From being up in the clouds

To where I keep struggling with my doubt.

But believe me it’s true

There’ll be no one but you

Who will ever be so close to what I am.

But I can neither tell you how I feel

Nor hold you just to say goodbye

Because I’m leaving – not only for one day.