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Yellow Jumps Twice
words & music by sebastian teufel


"Softly" appeared on Yellow Jumps Twice album "130 Days" in 2007. One of the darkest Yellow tunes.


All instruments played by Sebastian.





Let me die softly

Now that there’s nothing more to know

Now that there’s nothing different to feel

Everything is real.


Let me die softly

Now that I’m drifting through my days

Now that the last glow of a spark

Turned into dark.


I let you know I’m leaving

Now that the spell turns into a curse

Now that it killed my common sense

I lost my last defence.


I wish I could change my mind

But can’t pretend to be blind

I wish I could turn around

To feel you like before.


Let me die softly

Now that the number of memories

Restricted everything

Everything to come.


Cut off my ears

Cut off my eyes

Cut off my fingers

For I can’t touch you once again.