Stranger In My Car

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Yellow Jumps Twice
words & music by sebastian teufel


Title track of the album with the same name from 2008.


All instruments played by Sebastian.





I’m just another traveller

On another winding road

Got a stranger in my car

And still the words stuck in my throat.

I wish my hand could touch

The cover of an empty seat

But you who I knew so well

Left me here with my own hell.


Far away

Is still to close to me

A whif of what was yesterday

That left me all at sea.

Far away

And I’m sliding down the road

And all I got and will ever get

Is just a stranger in my car.


And as the rain starts pouring down

On that dirty windscreen

The streaks are the same as in your eyes

I knoiw what i have seen.

The coldness between you and me

Is the child of who you are

That’s when at least I realizied

You’re just a stranger in my car.


Far away...