The Best By Far

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Yellow Jumps Twice
words & music by sebastian teufel


Originaly written in 2006 this song was never released before - neither as a single nor on an album. It slept in one of the song drawers and waited until Sebastian moved to Hamburg to come to life again. This is the first song out of the so-called "Yellow Archive". A place full of hidden treasures (hopefully).





I'm tired of being the one

I'm tired of being the one to justify himself

No matter what I'll do.

I'm tired of all these clowns

I'm tired of all the frowns tellin' me

What it means to be strong

What is right what is wrong

No matter what I do.


Did I tell you once

How you gotta live your life?

Don't you think it's time

To take off your head

To how I am?


But I'm gonna find my way

Maybe not today

I'm not about to leave things as they are

It's not too late

Though I'm a bit afraid

To leave the tears is the best by far.


Don't you set yourselves up

You'd rather keep your pearls of wisdom to yourself

That's just what I have done.

I do not claim to be right

But it's all a question of respecting the way

Of accepting the way

One decided to go.


It's not my ego's burst

When I said „It's only me“

See the things from the first

And you may understand

It's all in your own hand.


But I'm gonna find my way...