The Mighty Kingdom (pure acoustic)

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Yellow Jumps Twice
words and music by sebastian teufel


Way back in early 2005 someone came up with the idea Sebastian should record some of his tunes in their pure versions. They should sound like they sounded at the time he wrote them. So Sebastian recorded a bunch of these songs in one magical night session. Just his acoustic guitar and his voice. Pure! The idea was to present these tunes on an album titled "The Wooden Doors". But how it goes the album work was finished but never really released. Just a few copies for friends and mates.

By the end of 2013 sebastian picked up the idea again. He recorded 11 songs in two nights in the way it  once was planned. And again these nights were as magical as the night eight years ago. So this is "The Mighty Kingdom" from the first of these two night sessions and the upcoming album - "The Wooden Doors"!