The Rainy Season

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Yellow Jumps Twice
words & music by sebastian teufel


"130 Days" was released in 2007. This song is the last of the album. A real Yellow ballad.


All instruments played by Sebastian.





I don`t know much about you

And I`m sure I never knew

How to treat you right

To save my own hide.


Your scent is still around here

Too real to ignore

And all I can do

Is nothing more

Than missing you.


Welcome to the rainy season

That`s what I say

Welcome to the rainy season

There`s nothing more

But crying for

The rain to fall.


Everytime you touched my fingers

Everytime you smiled at me

Everytime I touched your lips

A proof that you`re beautiful.


It hurts so badly to leave in silence

Though these memories cry out loud for you

I`d wish to hold you one more time

One more time

One more time.


Welcome to the rainy season...