The Turning Of The Sheets

09:14 Download
Yellow Jumps Twice
words & music by sebastian teufel


This is the first live recording of the new Yellows. Recorded during rehearsal without any overdubs. Just added some fx while mixing. Some of you might remember the original version of that tune. Surprise, surprise - we'd wish to see your face while listening to that version! :) The only drop of bitterness is that for a half a second cubase didn't work smoothly. But nevertheless we really dig this recording and we hope you'll like it too.




How can I keep up

With the expansion of the past?

How can I feel love

When time runs so fast?

How can I be glad?

How can I be sad?


Is it true

I’m drifting away?

Is it you

Who’s drifting away?


I feel my feet tapping

To delusive beats

Endlessly waiting

For the turning of the sheets.


Is it true…