This Ship Is Sinking

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Yellow Jumps Twice
words & music by sebastian teufel


Someone once said that everybody is an island. He was right!



I built this arc to save my memory
To leave my island full of tears
After waiting too long I finally put to sea
Left behind not the last bit of my gears
All that remains
Is my face - is my name
All the bad things and the pain
I took away with me.

This ship is sinking
With it’s captain still on board
This ship is sinking
Fulfilling what he was taught
This ship is sinking.

Mile after mile stretched to years
The battles left their marks on me
But to be on deck was always a save place to be
No one could ever hurt me too bad
But the weight of my heart
Was increasing day by day
So my carriage will find it’s way undersea.

This ship is sinking...

Every now and then I met some other floats
Tryin’ to go where I have been
But good advices they all left unheard
Stony bodies wrapped in coats
I hoped to reach
The island that used to be yours
But I’ll never arrive
On your promising coast.

This ship is sinking...