Through Empty Space

Yellow Jumps Twice
words & music by sebastian teufel


Caught in the middle between hope and resignation.





It’s getting hard to breathe

Inside this spacesuit I’m locked up in

Don’t know where I am or where I’ve been

Rotating round my axis produces nothing else but fear.


It’s a long, long way from here to the polar star

You’re shining ahead in cold, pale light

But too far away to stay in touch with you

Afraid of losing sight of you throughout this endless night.


What can I say

When you’re a million miles away

What can I do

But to stagger through empty space

What can I say

When there’s no chance for face to face

So I’m drifting, I’m drifting away.


No sign from earth – transmission end

The silence all around stifled my cries

Equally distant from home and to where you went

Just the place in space and time where life and love dies.