Yellow Jumps Twice
Sebastian Teufel


A straight Yellow rocker!





It’s getting hard to breathe

Inside this spacesuit where I’m confined

Don’t know where I am or where I’ve been

Rotating round my axis produces nothing else but fear.


It’s a long, long way from here to the polar star

You’re shining ahead in cold, pale light

But too far away to stay in touch with you

Afraid of losing sight of you throughout these endless nights.


What can I say

When you’re a million miles away

What can I do

But to stagger through empty space

What can I say

When there’s no chance for face to face

So I’m drifting, I’m drifting away.


No sign from earth – transmission ends

The silence all around stifles my cries

Equally distant from home and to where you went

Just the place in space and time where life and love dies.

Yellow Jumps Twice
sebastian teufel


Dedicated to Sebastian's dad Walter who suffered from dementia. This song tries to see things from his perspective.




Sometimes it seems I'm gonna lose my words

The speed of my thoughts will kill 'em all

I try to remember 'til it hurts

When again memories crash into the wall.


Out of sight means out of mind

Losing touch will keep you blind

The times went by so fast

At least nothing will last

Just a glimpse of better days

In beauty and in grace.


Lonliness is knocking at my door

Spreading in time since the light passed us by

Now that I'm the last in line

Don't leave me here, don't leave me here

Don't leave me here.


Out of sight...

Yellow Jumps Twice
Sebastian Teufel


This one goes out to all you Trumps, Johnsons, Putins, Kims aso. You think you're kings. But in the end you're just clowns.




You were a phoney since you were ten

You’ve been around the world and back again

You keep company with the simple folks

They won’t notice they’re completely hoaxed.


Up on the hill of true perception

You mock the valleys of affection

Step outside your golden cage

And let the real fool show.


But you don’t realize you’re up a tree

Because we’re the first to disagree.


Stand to attention here’s the king of the world

No one’s exalted but the king of the world

Your grace is polishing your crown

But in the end you’re just a clown.


You surround yourself with stupes

Always telling you your clothes look great

It’s so easy to blame someone else

To brighten up your naked soul.


But you don’t…


Stand to Attention…

Yellow Jumps Twice
sebastin teufel


There's something going wrong. All the social values we were taught in school are losing their meaning.




The more you shout

The more you're heard

No one cares about the truth.

The more you take

These things for real

The less you need to leave your booth.

You're going down

Yeah you're going down.

You built a wall

That's made of doubt

Are your friends still close to you?

What happened to

Your open mind

Only you decide what is true.

You're going down

Yeah you're going down.

But it ain't right

For heaven's sake what have we become

It ain't right.

"A fact's a fact!"

But that was yesterday

Too many skins around the core.

Modern witches

getting burned again

And the crowd is screaming out for more.

You're going down...

Yellow Jumps Twice
sebastian teufel


What you call heaven doesn't mean the same to me.




Now she’s waiting here

Gazing at the sun

Ain’t no words of consolation

Just a box of tears.

One thing you should have known

Time won’t ease the pain

Your tongue feels like a velvet stone

You should have known ...


I ain’t the one to help you out

Just among the laughing crowd.


Is that what you call heaven

It seems to me like hell

Is that what you call heaven

Don’t you kiss me with what you

Call the magic spell

It’s a jeer from hell.


Life it ain’t no fun

When you've missed the train

You will never catch the sun

When you’re on the run.


There ain’t no way to hide your tears

Just the time to face your fears


Is that what you call heaven ...


Yellow Jumps Twice
sebastian teufel


You should hold on to what is real?




I’m tired of still being abandoned

I’m tired of starting over again and again

I’m tired of day by day pretending

It’s you who saves me from going down the drain.


I’m tired of believing I’d trust in you

I’m tired of feeling down when you’re not around

I’m tired of day by day pretending

I’d accept the good and the bad things that you do.


So I should

Hold on, hold on

To what is real – not what I feel.

I know I’d

Hold on, hold on

To myself – d’ya know what I mean?

D’ya know what I mean?


I’m tired of seeing things so hazy

I’m tired of seeing hope fading away

I’m tired of signing away my soul

Though I know I’ll be betrayed one fine day.


I’m tired of wondering how it can be

That I’m tired of living life without you

I’m tired of forcing my way through the jungle

Of your moods changing so fast and that is true.


So I should

Hold on, hold on...

Yellow Jumps Twice
sebastian teufel


This song is dedicated to Laura. Allthough she's deaf and blind she always seems to be a happy girl.




You’ll never move your lips to say a word

But that’s all right

And everything I say left unheard

But that’s all right.


I find it tough just to understand

But that’s all right

What’s life mean without the chance

To see the snow drifting down?


And I wonder what you’re dreaming of at night

All these pictures in your mind

Impossible to see.


Hey Laura, what`s it like inside your world

Hey Laura, who knows the truth about you girl

Hey Laura, Hey Laura - Hey Laura

Don’t be afraid I’ll be around.


All alone inside your little world

But that’s all right

Don’t you know that you’ll always be

My little little girl.


And I wonder how you know when I’m around

When will you realise - you’ll never be alone.


Hey Laura...


Yellow Jumps Twice
sebastian teufel


Sometimes the little things are more important than anything else.




I wish that I could say

That every single day

Is getting better than the day before.

Still it’s me to hide

What rouses me inside

And it’s so hard to pretend

I’m nothing more than just a friend.


But it’s true, it’s true, it’s true

I’m afraid of losing you

Though I know, I know, I know

Our common things are just a few

I try to keep these little things alive.


Longing for a fleeting touch

That does not show too much

Afraid that someone else could see

What you call closeness between you and me.

It’s always you to be the one

To turn me down because of things I’ve done.


But it’s true…