Spaced Out Magazine James Wilson about "Moths Keep Flying"
This has a sense pathos over things that once were and that can never be recaptured. Have to say this one is almost a work of art. I seldom hear something so well tied together. Your creativity is superb.” - Markyone about "Where Are You Now"
Upon my second listen. Good thing this isn't paper I write on. I wouldn't want to stain your lyric page with me tears. Yep, it got me. :cry: silly me. None-the-less, this song is just a beauty, especially for a sentimental me.” - Carol Sue about "Where Are You Now"
Beautiful emotional piece, with a very felt vocal performance, beautiful tones, great piano, for sure will find its way to my mixstream radio show on mixposure. great track.” - BigPetze about "This Ship Is Sinking"