Always been big on YJ2 .. Seb has collaborated with many independent artists and has an impeccable production ear..”

— - Minder @ Artistlaunch

On a Saturday evening about six years ago, Sebastian Teufel was sitting at his kitchen table in Germany, playing a game of Monopoly with a friend from Los Angeles. To clarify a dispute over one of the rules, his friend Bruce flipped through the instruction book and found the answer. After explaining the point to Teufel, he jokingly inserted his own unrelated rule: “Blue jumps twice.” It would prove to be a fateful moment. Teufel, a guitar player and vocalist, was starting a band. The members had already begun practicing, but they were looking for a catchy new name. “Blue jumps twice” sounded cool. But to Teufel, the word "blue" had no rhythm. So he replaced blue with yellow, and in late 1999, the four-member band “Yellow Jumps Twice” was born. With their roots in Frankfurt, the band now plays to a growing international audience. Though Teufel will readily admit a band doesn’t need to have a meaning, he is often asked about the origin of the band's name, particularly outside Germany. In radio interviews, it is usually the first question asked. As for his next band, he’s considering calling it the “Chairs,” or the “Wardrobes.” But, Teufel added, “I'm sure, for me, there will be no band after ‘The Yellows.’” ...”

- Jennie Leszkiewicz @ Columbia News

WOW***** what an amazing band! I'm totally impressed by this german Pop Rock Band. Unbeliveable catchy and wonderful harmonies we usally use to know by bigplayers as Matchbox20. Oasis, Lifehouse, Goo Goo Doolls etc. with smooth Beatles influences. Perfect IMHO !!! Can't await to see 'em once Live!!! Greetz EvilGrin” - Evil Grin about the band
Yellow doesn't just LEAPS!!! One of my very favourite indie bands on the net, Yellow Jumps Twice have a magical way of painting a picture. Always melodic, always introspective, Seb and the gang really know how to put together tasteful, Brit-flavoured pop/rock gems with great commercial reach(but always keeping their integrity intact). I've yet to hear a song I didn't like from this band, and that is very rare. In fact, I liked them so much, I asked Seb to work with me on my song, 'Is it Just Me?', and again, he gave my song wings where it only had shoulders.” - Daniel Iorio about the band