Stop Treatin' The Beaten Ways

Yellow Jumps Twice got a new one on their hands, entitled Stop Treatin The Beaten Ways. As they approach their 20th anniversary, this solid release shows that the trio has been able to meld a unique identity in their time together. The band is truly refining and honing their craft, proving why they’ve been around for such a long time and why they’re still going strong after a dozen albums.

So To Say

"So You Think You're Most Peculiar"


Yellow Jumps Twice has been around now for fifteen years, which is quite an impressive feat of longevity in this day and age and is a testament to their strong songwriting and ability to adapt yet stay true to their own unique musical vision. Further proof is their latest album, So You Think You're Most Peculiar, a catchy and cohesive collection of 90?s Brit-pop flavored alt. rock songs that are equally as modern as they are retro.

From Red To Blue


The first EP directly out of the new home in Hamburg.


Stranger In My Car

130 Days

Ain't Nothing Better Than...

Beside The Street

<br>Get A Tan From Singing In The English Rain


Whatever Happened To...