Yellow Jumps Twice is a brit-pop/indie/classic and psych rock quartet from Hamburg, Germany. Their mix of the melancholic and melodic is reminiscent of Oasis, The Beatles and Bauhaus. Sebastian Teufel’s vocals are the unmistakable trademark of the band, calling to mind Richard Butler (Psychedelic Furs) and Peter Murphy (Bauhaus) during his solo times. The band manages to develop its own style and fixes dreamlike melodies and catchy hooks into the ear of the listener. Yellow Jumps Twice provokes intense feelings through their harmonies, often taking their songs to anthemic heights. Their latest EP was recorded, mixed and mastered in the band's own studio in Hamburg. The band states that unlike their other albums, JEER has a “rather rough sound.” Let’s check it out…. 

“Got It Good” has a bright, melodically rich sound in a definite brit-pop style. Elements of psychedelic weave in and out and the guitar solo reminds me of Noel Gallagher. A big and bold rock sound overall. Next is “You’re Going Down” – a hard driving, beat heavy tune with a good dose of low-end bass lines. I really loved the band’s sound and attitude here with their gritty deliver, but also their vocal harmonies were well played. Oh yeah, there are horns, too – can’t go wrong with those in my opinion. “The Best by Far” has a lighter sound with acoustic guitar, an indie pop style and lyrics with a positive outlook on life. You’ll hear echoes of Psychedelic Furs in this one for sure. 

“You Did Never Try” takes a slower pace, and you may hear echoes of Peter Murphy, Oasis and the Beatles a la new mixes like “Free as a Bird.” The band’s lyrics could be an address to a world leader or someone else in power, who didn’t do what they should have done, and because of that, it has caused a lot of pain. Or perhaps, it’s just a critical look at the decisions made, or not made, by the people in our lives that we look up to. 

​Next is “Feet Upon my Shoes” and the sound of this one reminds me a bit of the opening to Oasis’ “Morning Glory.” The words here suggest being deceived by a lover who you know is no good for you, but you come to the realization that you are not so different from them anyway. The last tune is “Time is Right” and it starts off with a fantastic drum intro. The guitars mix styles of both psychedelic and brit-pop indie. I like the melody on this one a lot with its melancholic feel and acoustic outro at the end. I thought it was a strong song to end this short album. Overall, a pretty solid and cohesive album by this German foursome.