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  1. Feel Alright

From the recording Feel Alright

We're manipulated in every way. Do you still feel alright?


Hey stone cold crippled mind
Your piece of the sun was so hard to find
Sweet sins sneakin' round your brain
You gotta get your daily portion to stay on that train.
Now this is the way of common sense
Far too late for self defense
Floating in a sea of trivia
Lost without certain criteria.
And so you feel alright
You gotta feel alright.
Good or bad now who can tell
Seems to me as if it is a jeer from hell
Green, red – no one told you to go
But never too late to miss the show.
And so you feel alright...
King of all days in a promised land
Neither endless pain nor dusty sand
Wallowing in a state of happines
Bashfulness fills the emptiness.
And so you feel alright...