From the recording Stop Treatin' The Beaten Ways

Let's try a different way to get things right!


Sometimes I brought you days of thunder
Full of black and evil clouds
But you decided to wait for a wonder
Negotiating all your doubts.
Sometimes our streets they led to nowhere
Though everything looked bright and clear
You always trusted in my blindness
When darkness brought out all our fears
We can close our eyes
To let the light arise
We're prepared to see what's love in a different way.
Hey you,
Don't you know it's true
What we went through
Led us to something new?
Hey you,
Listen to what I say
It's a perfect day
To stop treatin' the beaten ways.
What we got now is well deserved
We stumbled hard so many times
But we've learned to read the warning signs
Always threatening to end unnerved
We can close our eyes...
Hey you,
Don't you know it's true...