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  1. This Is Me

From the recording This Is Me

There's something inside you didn't expect.


One thing in life
Has me hiding what’s inside of me
You’d expect the worst
It will be so different to what you see
The darkest place
Inside my mind is crowded
I need your closeness
To keep that door still sealed.
So you better hurry up
To make it in time
So you better be here
Or I will lose my mind.
This is me
Running from that door
This is me
Hiding from what I wasn’t waiting for.
This is me!
This is me!
I press my face
Against the hinges of my destiny
Tryin’ to find out
If there’s something moving
I can’t afford
To lose sight of that hidden chamber
As long as you’re not here
It’s threatening to break through.
So you should…
This is me…