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  1. Won't Come Down

Originally written in 1988 this was one of the first "real" songs Sebastian ever wrote. From the early 90s on it was a standard in every live set of the bands Sebastian played in. In 1997 EastWest and Lowdown Records released "Won't Come Down" as the first single of "Cold Manicotti" - the band Sebastian played with as a drummer. Five years later the song appeared on Yellow Jumps Twice first album. The tune you gonna listen to is slightly different to the album version. Never released it spent the last years on a reel before it was discovered again.


I never promised to be the one
To fulfill your childhood dreams
We’ve had our days of love and fun
But maybe that’s not what it seemed.
You filled me up
With all your hidden tears
But before I drown I’ve got to run
And we
Won’t come down ...
We won’t share our foolish pride.
I never promise to ease your pain
But I was there to lend a hand
I’m not prepared to take the blame
Or hide my head deep in the sand.
And we
Won’t come down ...