1. Got It Good

"JEER" (2020)
words & music by Sebastian Teufel
Sebastian - vocals & guitar
Christian - guitar
Frank - bass
Sandy - drums



You say it's all about the mind
Listening to the heart will leave you blind
Common sense prevents you from going mad
The clearest fence between good and bad.

I got it good, I got it bad
Sometimes everything drives me mad
You got it bad, you got it good
Life ain't doing what you think it should.

I say I'd rather trust my heart
Otherwise my sense of love will fall apart
I know these days I'm acting like a fool
But be sure it ain't no golden rule.

I got it good...

Upside down and downside up
The turnings never gonna stop
The waves of life keep rolling in.
These ups and downs we're dancing through
Will surely sometimes leave us blue
But soon will lift us up again.

I got it good...