Written and recorded early 2021 this tune will have it's official release on April, 30th. This is pure yellow Rock!



A hundred days are made for rain
A thousand hours to go insane
But still you ought to keep in mind
Raising bitterness will keep you blind.

Like every mole you're digging holes
To get an answer from the has-been souls
But wipe the dirt out of your heart
It keeps you holding yourself apart.

You're restless running through your town
Alone and distressed.

Whatever saved your days before
You can't find it anymore
Somewhere behind you've lost your crown
Because your life runs upside down.

Black hole hearted collecting hopes
You untangle other people's ropes
Never a thought about your own sake
Until you did realize what's left is fake.

You'd stop exploring the streets of the past
For now 'n forever.